PSR welcomes visiting faculty members this fall

September 18, 2008

PSR welcomes three visiting faculty members--Nalini Arles, Xiaogan Liu, and Wilson Yates--to campus this fall. Students and faculty can look forward to vibrant conversations and learning opportunities from these extraordinary scholars from widely diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Nalini Arles is from the Church of South India, Karnataka Central Diocese. She defines herself as a member of the Dalit or “untouchable” community, which faces severe oppression in India. Arles received her BD from Union Biblical Seminary in India and her PhD from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Her husband, also a PhD, is serving as the dean of a doctoral program in India; the couple has two sons. Arles is teaching courses in pastoral care and counseling while Professor Archie Smith is on sabbatical.

PSR is pleased to welcome back Dr. Xiaogan Liu, who joins us from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor Liu previously served as a Russell Tolson Visiting Professor at PSR in 1997. He has also been a visiting scholar at Harvard University, UC Berkeley, and Princeton University, among others. Liu studied Chinese language and literature as an undergraduate at the Normal University of Inner Mongolia, and earned an MA and PhD in Chinese philosophy from Beijing University. “Introduction to Early Chinese Thought” and “Reading Daoist Texts” are the two courses he will be teaching this semester.

Dr. Wilson Yates, formerly dean and president of United Theological Seminary, is ordained in the United Methodist Church and holds dual standing in the United Church of Christ. Yates received his MDiv from Vanderbilt University and his PhD from Harvard University. He has been a visiting scholar at Cambridge University and Yale Divinity School. His wife, Gayle, is a retired faculty member from the University of Minnesota. The couple has two children and four grandchildren. This fall, Yates will be teaching two courses on art and religion.

Please extend a warm welcome to Drs. Arles, Liu, and Yates.