PSR Professor Launches Blog on Pacific Coast Ministry

February 20, 2013
Daniel Borysewicz

Randi J. Walker, Professor of Church History has begun writing a blog entitled Christianity and Ministry on the Pacific Coast. Professor Walker is on sabbatical through the end of the 2012-2013 academic year and is planning to travel to Samoa in March. 

Read an excerpt from Dr. Walker's latest blog post:

When I think of theological education for the future in the Pacific world, especially at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, I think of it somewhat in this way. Things are collapsing. It is not our imagination. Each generation needs to pass on the skills of building the temple again. Only for us it is a house built of living stones. It will not be the same temple. Stones changed. Living stones will not be the same from one generation to another. It is not a matter of replicating an ancient structure, carefully maintaining a traditional structure over time. It is a matter of rebuilding an age old house with living stones that change and grow. The house remains, but the next generation may hardly recognize it.