PSR Presidential Search Begins!

November 1, 2013

Dear Friends, Colleagues and other valued members of the PSR Community:

After months of preparation, organization, and planning, Pacific School of Religion is delighted to announce the launch of its Presidential Search. Attached you will find the full text of the Presidential Search Profile. Please take a moment to read it and consider anyone you may know who would be a potential candidate. PSR is working to bring new vision to a changing world, one which includes theologically rooted and spiritually formed Changemakers who can lead within their communities and make a positive difference to humankind.

We are not only letting you know of the search but write to ask that you help us build the candidate pool. Successful candidates may come from the world of social activism, progressive Christianity, academia, the entrepreneurial side of the not-for-profit and corporate world, and from anywhere on the globe. We value your perspective and networks and hope that you will forward this search announcement far and wide. And in turn, that you will give us the names of anyone we should consider for the position.

Today, the ads are being placed, and email letters are going to an initial group of some 2500 educational leaders. Yet that is only the beginning, as we need, over the next several weeks, to reach your related and partner organizations. I urge you to be as creative as you can be in helping with this phase of the search. Please share your ideas and thoughts with us as we work together to find a new leader for our theological school.

For more info, see the page for this position at AGBSearch


PSRPhaseII Profile.pdf9.48 MB