PSR now composting dining hall food waste

May 12, 2010

Pacific School of Religion is now composting food scraps in D’Autremont Dining Hall. Diners can scrape their plates clean in a green bin near the dishwashing station, and PSR students volunteer to empty the contents into a streetside bin, which is picked up by the city of Berkeley. Composting produce, meat scraps, dairy products, cooked food, and napkins produces nutrient-rich soil amendments and diverts garbage from landfills, a major source of greenhouse gases.

The move, initiated by student group TREES and supported by PSR dining hall and facilities staff, is part of a campus-wide effort to reduce the school’s environmental impact. To read more about PSR’s sustainability policies, see the recent LOGOS story, The Greening of PSR, by Master of Divinity student Meighan Pritchard.