PSR mourns Robyn Hamilton, second-year PSR student

March 10, 2009

Dear PSR Community,

It is with a great amount of sadness that I pass on news to you about the death of Robyn Hamilton. Robyn has brought to our community an unrelenting spirit--she has in both word and action kept issues related to accessibility and welcome before us. She has worked to give CAPSR a voice on issues related to community and campus life.

I asked Leanna Hamilton this morning what she would like for me to say to the community. She said that I should tell you how much Robyn loved PSR. And she said Robyn would want us all to keep living out PSR's unique calling in the world.

PSR has experienced enormous loss in the past few months. I will carry this grief with me on my Lenten journey.

Mary Donovan Turner

Dean Mary Donovan Turner released the above note to the PSR community on Monday, March 9, announcing the death of second-year PSR student Robyn Hamilton, a leader in the Community Association of PSR (CAPSR) and Differently Abled Student Union (DASU). During the Tuesday chapel service today, people paid tribute and shared memories of Robyn. Among these was Bill McKinney, PSR president, who spoke of her tenacious advocacy for improving accessibility on campus.

A memorial service for Robyn is scheduled for Thursday, March 19, at the PSR Chapel at 5:30 pm; reception to follow in the Bade Museum.