PSR Lecturer in Theology heralded in Psychology Today article

October 22, 2012
Goal Auzeen Saedi, Ph.D.

Jay Emerson Johnson, CLGS Senior Director, Academic Research and Resources, and PSR Lecturer in Theology is heralded as having "one of the most eye-opening talks" at the Faith and Sexuality Conference at Stanford University last week.

Excerpt from article:

"Rev. Johnson asked us to think about desire. Most often, desire is associated with two elements—food and sex. Our societal tendencies for going into overload mode with both have led to grave concerns. We are facing an obesity epidemic and there are discussions about whether sex addiction is a real condition. We have lost our ability to engage in moderation. With respect to sex, we are given hundreds of messages per day. In fact, when we were shown this image during the talk, I realized that while I’d actually used the exact same one in a lecture on eating disorders, I’d failed to recognize its violent aspects. This is just how normalized such images have become. We take them in, without stopping to question them."