PSR launches distance-learning courses and programs

January 6, 2011

Starting this spring, PSR is launching new online courses and a new distance-learning program, which will allow students to complete one full year of PSR education without moving to the Bay Area or leaving current home and job responsibilities.

PSR already has a broad selection of short courses offered at the school's beautiful campus in the Berkeley hills during Summer Session and January Intersession. In addition to these on-campus courses, students will now be able to take online courses at home for academic credit, self-enrichment or continuing education units. Now seekers, seminarians, clergy, and scholars from Berkeley and around the world can join together in person and online to dialogue about critical theological issues in progressive Christianity.

PSR's new distance-learning option, called “Flexible Learning,” will allow students to combine online courses taken from home and short courses taken on campus towards PSR's Certificate of Theological Studies, the Certificate of Sexuality and Religion (offered in partnership with PSR’s Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Ministry), or the Certificate of Swedenborgian Theology (offered in partnership with PSR’s Swedenborgian House of Studies).

Students earning the Certificate of Theological Studies may be able to apply credits towards PSR’s Master of Divinity program,* allowing them the possibility of completing their MDiv degree with just two years of on-campus residency (typical residency is three years).

Additional features of Flexible Learning at PSR: 

  • Online and short courses will be taught by core PSR faculty and adjunct faculty.
  • Online courses will be taught with flexible schedules and simple technology, allowing students to engage the course material on their own schedule.
  • Students take short courses during Summer Session and January Intersession on PSR's campus in one-, two-, or three-week sessions.
  • Online courses will be offered in biblical studies, church history, theology or philosophy, Christian ethics or religion and society, practical theology, and sexuality and religion.
  • PSR is part of the Graduate Theological Union, an ecumenical and interfaith consortium of seminaries and academic centers. Students in PSR certificate and degree programs can take courses at any GTU member school and will engage with students from multiple denominations and religious perspectives.

For more information, see or contact the PSR Admissions Office at 800/999-0528 or 510/849-8253 or admissions[at]psr[dot]edu.

* Pending acceptance to the Master of Divinity program, and the relevance of courses taken to that program.