PSR improves access for hearing impaired

May 15, 2009

IT systems administrator Jeffrey DiGregorio announced this week that PSR has installed an induction loop system in the Chapel of the Great Commission. The loop works like a wi-fi system, allowing those with loop-enabled hearing aids to tune in automatically to the chapel sound system without using any extra equipment. The loop covers the first nine pews on the southeast side of the room. DiGregorio also said that PSR has a portable loop induction system that can be set up with the portable sound system as needed throughout the campus, and that the AV department can provide an audio feed from the mixing board for use with personal portable loop systems.

Ethan Pope, the spouse of PSR MDiv student Bryce Current, has been signing for the hearing impaired at chapel services and special events. He said the addition of the induction loop was a “dream come true” for students, family, and friends of the school who are hearing impaired. “Not everyone understands American Sign Language,” Pope said, but “the combination of the induction loop system and interpreting helps to bridge gaps that hearing people often never think about.”