PSR Field Education Places Students in Public Spaces

June 12, 2013

In addition to placements in new start and re-starting congregations, established and emerging congregations, PSR students will be learning and serving as spiritual leaders in prisons, hospitals, hospices, and universities.  Some students will be placed at a distance:  Kaz Takahashi will become pastor of the Japanese American United Church in New York City. PSR students are also intentionally moving into public spaces in their formation as spiritual leaders. Carolyn Dyson will be at People’s High School in Vallejo. Lewis Eggleston will be with the 7th District Office of Congressman Ami Beri. Shannon Gorres will be chaplain at Westminster Woods retreat and environmental education center.  

Every first year student interviews with Field Education faculty during their first semester at PSR.  Potential placements are developed from the life experiences and vocational interests of students. For more information about Field Education, please contact Rev. Odette Lockwood-Stewart, Director of Field Education and Contextual Learning at