PSR faculty and staff in the news

June 15, 2009

Current faculty and staff, as well as one former faculty member, have made their voices heard in recent media stories. Read the full articles linked below to learn more about how they are living out PSR’s tradition of boldness.

PSR’s associate professor of Old Testament, Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, who, along with three PSR staff members, was arrested on Tuesday, May 26 following the California State Supreme Court’s ruling on Proposition 8 (follow this link to read the PSR press release), gave a statement to the California-Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church, in which he stated that choosing to participate in the civil disobedience was a testament to his personal faith.

Roland Stringfellow, an alumnus of PSR and the CLGS coordinator of the Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations, who was arrested with Kuan on May 26, has been quoted in several media stories cataloguing the progressive religious community’s preparations for the State Supreme Court’s Prop 8 ruling, including articles in the Sacramento Bee and Thaindian News.

Former PSR faculty member and now pastor of Tapestry Ministries, Mark D. Wilson was interviewed by the Berkeley Daily Planet on his lifetime spent in the “Christian debate on homosexuality.” Wilson is also featured in a SF Weekly piece on a new movement among clergy to stop performing the legal portion and focus only on the religious blessing of a marriage ceremony.

Jay Johnson, CLGS senior director of academic research and resources, is quoted in the same SF Weekly article above, as well as in the Colorado Springs Gazette on possible Protestant church splits over LGBT rights.

CLGS African American Roundtable coordinator Irene Monroe’s piece on “Proposition Hate” was recently republished in the Windy City Times.

Administrative Assistant for the Office of Field Education and Contextual Learning, Maura Tucker and her family were interviewed in a Building Blocks (published by Children's Hospital) article on the struggles they faced ten years ago after learning of their daughter Brianna’s brain tumor. 

Paul Extrum-Fernandez, PSR's vice president for institutional advancement, wrote about “generous leadership” in “uncertain economic times” in the May/June issue of the United Methodist Church's Interpreter Magazine.

President and professor of American religion, Bill McKinney was recently quoted in the Catholic Voice, Oakland on interfaith human rights efforts. Also, read McKinney’s and incoming dean Mary A. Tolbert’s comments on the California State Supreme Court’s Prop 8 ruling in the aforementioned May 26 PSR press release.




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