PSR Community Says Farewell to Riess Potterveld & Kathi McShane

June 28, 2013

Riess Potterveld & Kathi McShane

This past Wednesday, the PSR community gathered in D'Autremont to say goodbye to President Riess Potterveld and VP for Advancement Kathi McShane. Board member Stan Watson and new Dean Bernie Schlager spoke about Riess's caring, collaborative influence on PSR, while Board Vice Chair Pat de Jong and Director of Advancement Katherine Kunz lifted up Kathi's grace and leadership. People were invited to speak and share their thoughts, and recent grad Lindsey Kerr performed a hymn on her violin.

Both Riess & Kathi received gifts from the PSR community, including two beautiful leis sent by Board member Connie Mitchell.

All of PSR is grateful for the work and dedication Riess and Kathi have given us over the years, and wishes much luck in their journeys beyond this campus.

To give in honor of Riess or Kathi, visit our online donation page