PSR at Wild Goose Festival, Aug 8-11

June 28, 2013
Amy Moore

Admissions Associate Amy Moore is excited to travel to North Carolina in August for the Wild Goose Festival.  “Getting to spend four days in the mountains at an outdoor festival centered around justice, spirituality, and art as part of my job – sounds good to me!”

Wild Goose the US version of the Greenbelt in the UK and derives its name from Celtic metaphor for the Holy Spirit.  The outdoor, campground atmosphere “intentionally lowers class and social barriers, creating free interaction between even the most accomplished speakers and attenders. And attenders have the chance to request and host informal conversations about topics they’re interested in during the event, which may be attended by Grammy-winning producers, seminary presidents, Oscar-carrying writers, New York Times best-selling authors, and a host of others they wouldn’t usually have the chance to interact with.”

This year’s line-up of speakers includes Phyllis Tickle, Philip Yancey, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Melvin Bray, Brian McLaren, and the list just keeps going.  Indigo Girls will headline the wide variety of musicians.  

After last year’s Wild Goose experience, Nicole Naffaa reflected on what this means for the future of PSR noting, “It was a group of people who believed in the possibility of a better world, and understood that they have a role to play in making this world a reality. Our kind of people.”  It also brought to mind several questions that we continue to wrestle with as we begin living into the new PSR.  Kathi McShane shares her conversation with Wild Goose staff member Gareth Higgins.

Laurie Isenberg attended the west coast offering last August in Portland and shared that it “was so exciting to see how much interest ether was in popular theology.  I was surprised and impressed at how often the music stage was empty and theologian’s stage packed.”

The daily schedule, day passes, and festival passes are available on their website.