PSR and CLGS lead on same-sex marriage equality

November 25, 2008
Richard Lindsay

This year, Pacific School of Religion (PSR) and its Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (CLGS) have been at the forefront of the debate on same-sex marriage in California and nationwide. In May, when the California Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to marry, CLGS offered expert commentary in papers across the country. On October 5, 2008, CLGS and its newly-revitalized Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations held a town hall meeting opposing the anti-same-sex-marriage Proposition 8 ballot initiative, featuring four PSR alumni/ae that shared a panel with the cast of the Logo network series Noah’s Arc. Prior to the election, staff members from CLGS and students and faculty from PSR appeared at events around the Bay Area calling for California voters to reject Proposition 8. When Proposition 8 narrowly passed, PSR led in calling for its repeal, and faculty and staff have been featured in the news commenting on the vote and at pro-same-sex-marriage rallies and events.

The following is a summary with links to media coverage of faculty, staff, and students of PSR and CLGS on issues of same-sex marriage during the last year, listed by publication and date:

Print Media

ABC News: 11/28/08

Asian Week: 10/7/08

Associated Press: 6/14/08

CBS 5 San Francisco: 10/21/08; 6/16/08

The Christian Century: 6/17/08

Oakland Tribune: 10/22/08

Los Angeles Times: 11/16/08; 6/19/08; 5/20/08

New York Times: 11/15/08; 6/18/08

Pacific Citizen: 4/18/08

Palm Springs Desert Sun: 10/25/08 10/30/08

San Francisco Chronicle: 11/10/08; 10/22/08; 10/22/08; 6/15/08

Washington Post: 8/19/07


Broadcast/Internet Media

KALW San Francisco: "Your Call," 11/19/08

Eady Media Biloxi, MS: "It Can't Just Be Me," 11/12/08

KCRW Los Angeles: "Which Way LA?" 10/30/08

YouTube Video: "Religious Leaders Against Prop 8," 10/28/08

YouTube Video: "Pastor Susan Brecht Speaks Out Against Prop 8," 11/19/08 video of the Noah's Arc town hall meeting: 10/05/08


PSR/CLGS Statements and Articles

"PSR Denounces Vote on Prop 8" 11/06/08

"Dawn of a New Day in Tears" 11/05/08

"CLGS Town Hall Brings Hollywood to Oakland" 10/29/08

"PSR Applauds California Supreme Court's Historic Decision for Same-Sex Marriage Equality" 05/15/08

Pacific School of Religion is a multi-denominational Christian seminary in Berkeley, CA that trains leaders for historic and emerging faith communities for ministries of compassion and justice in a changing world. PSR has three affiliated academic centers, and is a part of the nine-seminary consortium of the Graduate Theological Union. Founded in 2000, the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry at Pacific School of Religion is the first seminary-based center for the study of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues. The Center works to transform faith communities and the wider society by taking a leading role in shaping a new public discourse on religion and sexuality through education, research, community building, and advocacy. The Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations is a CLGS initiative to provide organizing support and resources for congregations committed to full inclusion of LGBT people.

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