PSR Alum's Article on Pub Theology

April 10, 2013

Emma Donohew (MDiv 2012), United Methodist Pastor reflects on Pub Theology. Rev. Donohew serves as Pastor of Greenlake UMC in Seattle. Read an excerpt from the article:

"Taking church out of the building to a local pub has been an enlightening experience for this new pastor. Pub theology has allowed for conversations that are unimaginable on Sunday mornings. Whether we are tackling the challenges of Christian dating or Christology, this group of Methodists, Evangelicals, Atheists and agnostics can respectfully converse with a mutuality that is sometimes unbelievable. We gather for discussion, meaning no one person (even the pastor) has ultimate authority. We are all in it together to discern in community, how our understanding of God is experienced in each new topic."