PSR Alum and Former Staff Featured in an Article

May 24, 2013

Rev. Kim Morrow (MDiv '00) is featured in an article about her sustainable living ministry at First-Plymouth Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Read an exerpt from the Lincoln Journal Star article below:

For the Rev. Kim Morrow, taking care of God’s green earth always was at the crux of her ministry.

And she considered herself a very eco-conscious person, so when she was invited to measure her ecological footprint, she was confident the score would reflect that conviction.

“I couldn’t believe the number,” Morrow confessed in her sermon at First-Plymouth  Church last month. “If everyone on the planet lived the way I do, we would need 5.68 Earths to sustain the people the world ... 5.68 Earths!”

This from a minister who uses only cloth shopping bags, doesn’t eat meat and drives a Prius. A pastor whose very title is Minister of Sustainable Living.