Pacific School of Religion Applauds 9th Circuit Court for Striking Down Proposition 8

February 7, 2012
Jake Stafford

Pacific School of Religion, an inter-denominational seminary in Berkeley, California at the forefront of issues of faith and civil rights, applauds the 9th Circuit Court for striking down Proposition 8 and upholding District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker’s August 4, 2010 decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger.

Pacific School of Religion believes that the right of same sex couples to marry is a basic civil right under United States law. This ruling affirms the dignity of LGBTQ people as full and equal participants in God’s creation and hope for humanity. Upholding the right of same-sex couples to marry in California is a welcome defeat against bigotry and will help create a society that affirms all committed and loving human relationships.

Marriage rights are important because they provide couples with myriad federal, medical, and economic protections and benefits. Without a marriage license, spouses may be prevented from visiting partners in the hospital or having joint legal guardianship over their children.

Dr. Riess Potterveld, president of Pacific School of Religion, said, “As people of faith, we respect those whose faith traditions differ from ours on the issue of same sex marriage. We invite them now to stand with us and to put aside the rancor that has divided us during this long and difficult campaign as we work together to make a better California for all families.”

Bernard Schlager, PhD, the executive director of The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (CLGS) at PSR added, “We are proud that California now joins other states where liberty and justice for all really means all when it comes to marriage equality. We are thankful for the decision that affirms the equal dignity of same sex couples.”


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