Introducing: Art After Hours at The Doug Adams Gallery

February 6, 2013

The Art After Hours program at the Doug Adams Gallery is a series of student curated events and programs designed to enhance the gallery experience and present students and student groups with the opportunity to co-host events with the Doug Adams Gallery. Events can range from movie nights, lectures, and poetry readings to hands-on arts and crafts projects and musical performances. All events must be related to the content of the current show or the mission of the gallery. In certain cases minimal funding may be available through CARE.
The mission of the Doug Adams Gallery is to present modern and contemporary art through thematic exhibitions that provide a new lens for reflecting on spirituality, belief, ritual and the sacred. Exhibitions support and enhance the curriculum of the GTU, and provide a forum for interdisciplinary and interfaith dialogue. The Gallery serves as a laboratory, allowing students, faculty and the community to think critically about current issues and test their conceptions of the world.

  • Students must submit a short proposal 1 month in advance via email to Carin Jacobs, Director CARE. See details below

  • If not organized through an official student group, a faculty or staff member must be present as “sponsor” to lock space and ensure the space has been cleaned properly

  • Must read and sign a use of space form

Write 1-2 paragraphs describing the event and how it relates to either the current exhibition or the mission of the gallery. Please include if it is associated with a student group or who your “sponsor” will be. Please also include the intended event date.
Submit your proposal or any questions to:
Elizabeth S. Peña Director, CARE

Please include “Art after hours student proposal” and your name in the subject line of email.