Honoring Our Departing Faculty & Staff

May 31, 2013

The PSR Community gathered to appreciate the good work of staff who are leaving PSR, or whose roles are changing for the year ahead. Those present contributed a thumbprint "leaf" of appreciation on PSR trees, and added messages of gratitude to cards. Those celebrated were Donna Allen, Ann Jefferson, Aeri Lee, Jim Mitulski, Donnel Mutia-Miller, and Roland Stringfellow. (See images of 'leafs' below)

Donna Allen, Lecturer in Preaching and Worship, has accepted a full-time position as a hospital Chaplain and will leave her position as Lecturer.  We are glad to announce that she will teach the required course in Preaching in the fall (2013).

There will be significant changes in the area of worship leadership.  Rev. Ann Jefferson will continue her work as Coordinator of Community and Continuing Education Program, including TEL, but is discontinuing her work as Co-Director of Worship. Aeri Lee, Music Director, has decided to return to graduate school and will no longer provide direction of the PSR Chorale or music as part of the Chapel program.  Rev. Jim Mitulski will be discontinuing his work as Co-Director of Worship and his role will be changing at PSR as well. A committee, chartered by the faculty, has been meeting to take a look at worship, spiritual formation, and community life design for the coming year and to make suggestions about the teaching of worship in the spring semester 2014.

Donnel Mutia-Miller will leave his post early in June as Assistant Dean of Students and Community Life to return to graduate school in the field of health care.  We appreciate Donnel’s work and ministry in creating opportunities for the community to share in fellowship, community building, pastoral care, dining, celebrations, and worship experiences.


(example of one up close)