GTU Black Seminarians speak out on Oscar Grant slaying

January 29, 2009

PSR stands with the GTU Black Seminarians in their call for justice in the case of Oscar Grant. President Bill McKinney has asked PSR's Dismantling Racism Committee to shape appropriate educational forums to address this issue. The statement of the GTU Black Seminarians follows.

GTUBS – Not Co-Conspirators By Silence

For if you keep silence at such a time as this, relief and deliverance will rise up for the Jews from another quarter… Perhaps you have come to your royal dignity for just such a time as this.
- Esther 4:14

We the members of the Graduate Theological Union Black Seminarians (GTUBS) deem it inexcusable that still on the eve of 2009 a black man can get beaten, degraded and killed all while being recorded on video and swift justice fail to occur. Further, the emerging news of a second officer assaulting Oscar Grant with no provocation and no consequence is especially heinous and disturbing. It is this type of disregard for human life which eats away at the core of all of humanity; this type of intolerance--by those elected and sworn to enact and uphold justice--of the unwarrantable that causes community unrest to fester to eruption; this type of injustice that we the members of the Graduate Theological Union Black Seminarians will not be co-conspirators to by our silence. Thus, WE add our collective voice to those of the community activists, elected officials, clergy, family, and friends in calling for justice--from the Attorney General of California to the District Attorney of Alameda County to those who sit on the jury--for the New Year’s Eve murder of Oscar Grant. Instead of juxtaposing King and Obama, which is comfortable for folks, we juxtapose Grant and Obama---therein lies the real issue and comparison.

“How long? Not long?”
How Long? It’s already been too long.
Sisters and brothers, the time to act is NOW.
Sisters and brothers, the time to speak Truth to Power is NOW.
Join the call for justice and ask your friends to do the same.
It only takes a minute:

The Graduate Theological Union Black Seminarians
Berkeley, California
January 2009