Faculty Search Update

February 14, 2014

Pacific School of Religion is still a destination school for scholars and teachers, if the current two faculty position searches are any indication. The search committees for new faculty hires in New Testament and in Worship report that over fifty applicants have applied, with the large majority holding doctorates from elite universities, representing a mixture of seasoned veterans and bright energetic new scholars.

The position of Professor of Christian Worship and Director of Worship Life combines teaching, scholarship, and program leadership and represents a new level of integration of theory and practice in liturgical studies and praxis at PSR. Three candi- dates representing a rich diversity of background, practical and theoretical skills have been selected for a full candidating process in late February. Three candidates have also been selected from the large pool of applicants for the New Testament studies position. The in-person candidating process for New Testament will occur in the second half of the semester.