Dr. Devin Zuber Speaks at Inaugural Conference for the Study of Literature and Religion at UC Irvine.

May 11, 2012
Jake Stafford

Dr Devin Zuber, PSR's Assistant Professor of American Studies, Literature, and Swedenborgian Studies delivered a talk called "Turning Things into Words, and Words into Things: Swedenborg and the Religious Origins of American Pragmatism" at the inaugural "Literature { } Religion" conference at UC Irvine on May 11.

UCI's program, "studies of the relationship between literature and religion have picked up significant momentum in recent years, with many scholars in the humanities, arts, and social sciences taking a 'religious' or 'postsecular' turn in their work. This conference seeks to gather scholars across varied disciplines and areas of expertise to explore the wide variety of intersections, parallels, collaborations, ruptures, and inspirations to be found under the rubric of a discussion focused on literature and/or/with/on/of/against/about/in religion."
The conference was conceived to seek extensive engagement with various religious traditions both Western and Eastern, monotheistic, polytheistic, or non-theistic. Papers may include but are not limited to studies of any literary, rhetorical, narrative, or textual aspects of literature and religion.