A community's loss

July 15, 2010
Hubert G. Locke

When, acting under the color of law, a human life is unjustifiably taken, it inflicts a grievous wound on the entire community. Forces that should be united in the effort to maintain community cohesion and social harmony instead become torn asunder by distrust and conflict. The family of the victim suffers irreparable hurt and the whole community is the worse for the tragic experience.

The metropolitan Oakland area is joined with the family of Oscar Grant in mourning his untimely, unwarranted and unrequited death. We also join in mourning but as people and an institution committed to the reign of God’s justice in the world, we are called upon in such a period to renew and redouble our efforts to promote harmony and build the beloved community. I hope each of us, in our own way, will work earnestly toward this end.

Hubert G. Locke
Acting President, Pacific School of Religion