Coalition of Welcoming Congregations Breakthrough 2 Love Video Teaser

April 3, 2013

Here is a sneak peak at the teaser/trailer of the Breakthrough 2 Love film project that has just been completed and this first video is only 2 minutes long and only showcases seven of the fifteen people we interviewed that day.  Our director and editor continues to edit the rest of the footage and we are excited to see his final product that will feature all of the participants.

There are many queer people who are deeply religious and actively involved in their faith communities. The number of religious communities that openly welcome and support LGBT congregants is growing, but news of this is not reaching the greater society. Breakthrough 2 Love is trying to change that. This campaign is based on "The Breakthrough Conversation" - and idea that change happens when people of faith have open and honest conversations about LGBT inclusion and equality with their friends and family.