CARE looking for student artists from GTU consortium

March 18, 2011

The Center for Arts, Religion, and Education (CARE) would like to invite artists from across the GTU to become involved with the Doug Adams Gallery and the Badè Museum, located on the Pacific School of Religion campus. This call for artists is open to all students and faculty members of the GTU consortium. We cannot provide studio space to artists, however, we feel it is a great opportunity to offer students and faculty an exciting venue to display their artwork within the compelling intersection of faith and community. It is our hope that the gallery and museum, by showcasing work from outside artists as well as artists from the GTU community, will serve as a vibrant new addition to the arts and culture landscape on and off campus. A full exhibition schedule is planned for each academic year, with the dynamic complement of local artists and varied art forms. Exhibitions are integrated into the wider academic program and include related lectures, panels, and course collaborations.

If you are interested, please contact Carin Jacobs Elizabeth S. Peña by phone at 510/849-8285 (CARE office phone) or email her at 


To learn more about the Doug Adams Art Gallery see here.