Behold…a new thing: The 2009 Earl Lectures on Holy Hill

October 7, 2008

There is something new emerging inside, alongside, and even outside the familiar institutions and expressions of Christianity in North America. What will this “new thing” be, and how will it affect the traditional church? The 2009 Earl Lectures, to be held on the Pacific School of Religion campus January 27-29, 2009, will provide an opportunity to experience and reflect critically on new forms of spirituality and worship associated with the emerging church.

The 109th Earl Lectures and Leadership Conference, entitled “Behold…a New Thing: Emerging Expressions of Faithfulness,” will be held in the former University Christian Church, at 2401 Scenic Avenue, across the street from Pacific School of Religion. It will mark the first time the lectures have been held on Holy Hill since 1949.

The program includes three days of public lectures and workshops open to people in ministry and the general public. It will be led by three “emerging church” figures, Abbess Karen Ward, Jay Bakker, and Bruce Reyes Chow; and by scholars Gerardo Marti and PSR’s Boyung Lee. They will guide exploration of popular culture, generational change, and religious innovation in North America. There will also be a screening of the new film, Ordinary Radicals.