Youth Spirit Artworks

Youth Spirit Artworks is an interfaith jobs and job training nonprofit that uses art as a vehicle for engagement, empowerment and personal and social transformation in the lives of homeless and other underserved youth (ages 16 to 25). Youth Spirit carries out its mmission through three program areas: Studio Art, Community Art, and Arts Entrepreneurship. We are located in South Berkeley and work with close to 175 young people each year.

Youth Spirit is going to be involved in a collaborative project in 2015-2016 called "Beyond This Prison," where youth from our program will carry out pen pal relationships with long-term inmates and then create a body of artwork on the subject of "freedom and imprisonment" jumping off from this experience. We hope to generate a body of paintings from reflections in summer 2015 that we will then arrange to take to religious congregations to exhibits, worship services, religious education sessions with adults, children and youth, to bible studies and other forums available for our engagement with parishioners.

We are seeking a seminarian for 2015/16 with a passion for art, and deep concerns related to social justice, who will be involved in the "Beyond This Prison" Project, helping to organize and carry out our activities with congregations, and who in other ways would be interested in engaging youth and the religious community in our ministry through events at our Art Studio site.

The Field Ed student would be a participant in our YSA Leader Team, helping to make decisions for our organization with youth and staff and will also participate, we hope, in our Friday community sharing events, where we have a meal together and hold innovative and Spirited weekly trainings.

Youth Spirit's regular studio hours are Monday through Friday 12:30pm to 6:30pm. The PSR seminarian would choose hours during this period and also weekend hours for the special congregation activites, as those are organized.


Sally Hindman, Executive Director