Westminster Woods

Westminster Woods is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the following mission: Our Mission is to provide a sanctuary: for drawing closer to Christ and for spiritual reflection and growth: to encourage stewardship of our natural resources through ecological education and action: and to strengthen our relationship with one another and our diverse communities.
Working amongst Redwood trees and 200 acres of land, the Camp Chaplain highlights the Holy already present on grounds and brings more of God’s Spirit to life.
The Camp Chaplain serves 50 staff members who work in the following departments:
  • Kitchen, 
  • Housekeeping, 
  • Maintenance, 
  • Environmental Education, and 
  • Office Administration, 
These staff members run the camp's following programs:  
  • Group Retreats, (secular) 
  • Environmental Education program, (Christian) 
  • Summer Camp, and 
  • Challenge Course experiences.  

From November-February there are 2 Women’s Weekend retreats and 3 Youth Weekend retreats that mostly draw from the Presbyterian Church.  The Camp Chaplain can use a variety of skills to support the spiritually diverse staff and the programs, such as leading group prayer, offering pastoral counseling, and facilitating workshops.

We would provide on-site housing and free cooked meals would be available when the kitchen is cooking for our guests.  When the kitchen is closed (it is open about 75% of the time.  It is closed from late November thru mid-January and occasionally at other times)  the student would need to provide their own food.  There is a kitchen available on-site for cooking and storing food when the kitchen is closed that would be available for the student. The on-site housing has internet and a land line phone.  Cell phone coverage at the camp is very limited.
Car Required?: Yes 

Chris Rhodes
InterimExecutive Director
Westminster Woods Camp & Conference Center
6510 Bohemian Highway Occidental, CA 95465
707-874-2426 ext 632