Sojourn Chaplaincy at SF General Hospital and Trauma Center

Sojourn Field-Education Internships are tailored to seminary students wishing to complete their field education or internship in a hospital chaplaincy setting.  Interns receive training in providing pastoral care to those facing illness, medical crisis or end-of-life, and they work closely with on-site mentors who offer regular feedback and support.  Students develop a formal learning covenant and work on specific learning goals.  Mentors encourage students’ growth by inviting students into opportunities that will help them pursue their learning objectives, encouraging students in a process of reflecting on their ministry experiences, and offering clear feedback in a compassionate spirit. Students will have the opportunity to experience the diverse community of SFGH and will receive education on specific aspects of hospital chaplaincy ministry, including grief support, facilitation of ritual and active listening skills.  Sojourn works actively with field education program leaders to assure that our internship program fulfills academic requirements.

Sojourn Chaplaincy is the multi-faith spiritual care provider at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH). SFGH is a Level 1 Trauma Center, a prestigious research center in collaboration with the UCSF School of Medicine, home of the only psychiatric emergency service in San Francisco and provider of extensive in-patient and out-patient medical services to the diverse population of the San Francisco Bay Area.  SFGH is operated by the City and County of San Francisco and is strongly committed to serving every individual regardless of ability to pay.  Many of the patients we serve are socially and economically marginalized, homeless, suffer from mental illness or substance abuse or are victims of trauma or violence.  SFGH is a unique facility.  With its bustling lobby and extensive grounds it is a city unto itself.  And yet, with staff singularly committed to providing excellent medical care to those individuals who face the most extensive barriers in accessing care, SFGH also has the feel of a loving family. For students training in pastoral ministry and/or hospital chaplaincy SFGH is a particularly suitable environment for addressing questions of justice and ethics in the delivery of healthcare.

Monthly Stipend: $0

Car required? No

1001 Potrero Ave, Room 2F4
San Francisco, CA 94110