Silicon Valley Progressive Faith Community

We are a new progressive church forming in the South Bay. The right candidate for the position of Ministerial Intern will be someone interested in learning from the challenging and exciting work of church planting. There will be opportunities for worship leadership, communication in the technological era, storytelling in the 21st Century, community leadership and lots more.

Silicon Valley Progressive Faith Community is committed to extending and receiving extravagant hospitality and welcome. We invite into the full life of our community those of every age, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic and educational background, mental and physical ability, race and nationality. We welcome all who desire to grow in love to claim this community as a spiritual home.

Who we are:

We are progressive Christians, agnostics, spiritual independents and other people of conscience who want to live with purpose and joy in a community rooted in love.

Our vision:

We envision a radically inclusive, deeply spiritual, unapologetically progressive, theologically diverse church, actively engaged in personal and social transformation.

Monthly Stipend: $TBD
Car Required: Yes

Mailing address:
PO Box 3450
San Mateo, CA 95156


Rev. Nicole M. Lamarche, Pastor