Piedmont Gardens Retirement Community

Piedmont Gardens is a retirement community with very active seniors. We provide continuum of care which means that we have a large independent living facility, a smaller assisted living unit, skilled nursing, and we have one of hte few non-medical memory care units.

The opportunities for learning about spiritual care are quite extensive. The population is quite diverse and so are people's cultural and spiritual backgrounds. The Spiritual Care Department provides spiritual/emotional support, end of life care, support groups, and education around different ways to attend to spiritual and emotional well-being, among other things.

This is a "broad" internship, and we welcome people who can show a lot of initiative and like to develop some of their own ideas. The hours can be flexible.

Car Required?: No
Monthly Stipend: $400

110 41st Street
Oakland, CA 94611


Rev. Elisabeth Middelberg
Director of Spiritual Care