On Lok Lifeways Chaplain Internship

On Lok Lifeways is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), serving frail seniors who want to live in their own home, not a nursing home. 

We provide comprehensive medical care and social services at our day centers, and assistance at home with everyday tasks.

A unique opportunity for seminary and chaplaincy students: 

  • Diverse. We serve a rainbow variety of seniors from diverse cultural, ethnic,
    and linguistic backgrounds. We have about 1,200 patient participants.
  • Interfaith. Participants come from a rich breadth of spiritual traditions.
  • Flexible. Students can serve at one or more of our 9 Bay Area centers and
    satellite sites. A variety of scheduling options are available.
  • Hands-on. Students work directly with seniors in one-on-one spiritual
    counseling, and may also lead spirituality groups and other opportunities.
  • Growing/Creative. Chaplain and Spiritual Care services are still fairly new
    at On Lok; program development is growing and well-received. This
    translates into opportunities to deliver creative new spiritual care services.
Providing interfaith pastoral/chaplain services to elderly patients in a highly diverse setting—culturally, linguistically, spiritually. Our signature PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) model is a trendsetting holistic method of delivering medical care and social services, supporting seniors so they can remain in their homes and communities. Hands-on ministry entails one-on-one visits, as well as leading creative spiritual discussion groups and services. Students may work at San Francisco centers, and/or at South Bay (Fremont/San Jose) On Lok Centers. 
Monthy Stipend: $100
Car Required?: No 
Address: 1333 Bush Street, San Francisco CA 94109 (This is the main address; however, On Lok has three campuses in San Francisco, and three in the South Bay (Fremont and San Jose)



On-site supervision is provided by Rev. Jeff Bert, M.Div., Spiritual Care Services Specialist and Chaplain. Please contact him at jbert[at]onlok[dot]org or 415-292-8793 to learn more. Or visit our website at www.onlok.org. 

CPE credits can be arranged with an independent CPE supervisor. Ask for details.