Kaiser Hospice Oakland

This is a rich opportunity to learn how to counsel the dying and bereaved. Through training workshops, practical experience calling the bereaved, grief support groups, home visits to dying patients, and shadowing social workers and chaplains, the seminarian will have extensive opportunities to develop their chaplaincy and pastoral skills.

Regular Training 

  • Hospice Program and Bereavement Team
  • Models of Grief (we use the Dual Process Model)
  • Family Systems and Genograms (triangles, dynamics), summarizing MSW psychosocials
  • Calling the bereaved
    - Preparing for the call (call log, identifying risk factors, talking points)
    - Navigating the conversation
    - Documenting the call
  • Caller resources, referrals
  • Self Care (transference, counter-transference)

Advanced Training (optional in-services)

  • Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder (DSM 5)
  • Differential diagnosis among grief, trauma, & depression
  • Shadowing chaplains and social workers; attending hospice IDG (Interdisciplinary Group) meetings; the hospice team
  • Facilitating grief support groups
  • Special Cases
    - Anticipatory Grief
    - Disenfranchised Grief
    - Multiple loss, Addiction, Suicidality
    - Children's Mourning 
  • Attachment Theory
  • Religion, Spirituality, and Cultural Differences
    - Bible stories: Hannah, Jacob, Job, Jesus childhood, Lazarus
    - Existential themes in personal loss
  • Mourning and the future of healthcare delivery
  • Certifications in Loss
    - UC Extension
    - Thanatology (Association for Death Education and Counseling)
    - CPE and Chaplaincy

Monthly Stipend: 0
Car Required?: No
3701 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611


Roy Gesley, Bereavement Coordinator
(510) 752-7757