Executive Director, Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, Oakland, CA

Job Title: Executive Director 
Status: Full-time, exempt, occasional evenings required 
Salary Range: $60,000 -- $75,000, plus benefits 
Deadline: 5pm, July 11, 2014 
Position Summary: The Executive Director is responsible for the strategic oversight and daily management of all administrative, financial, personnel and operational functions of the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living (OCSL). Under the direction of the Senior Minister, the Executive Director ensures that all of the Center’s resources and priorities are aligned with its vision, mission and strategic plan and with the policies established by the Leadership Council. 
Reporting Relationships: The Executive Director reports directly to the Senior Minister and directly supervises the Administration Coordinator. In addition, the Executive Director works closely with and is responsive to the business needs of the Executive Committee of the Leadership Council. 
Duties and Responsibilities: 
Under the direction of the Senior Minister and with the counsel and support of the Leadership Council: 
  • Develops and implements the Center’s strategic plan. 
Financial Oversight 
Under the direction of the Senior Minister and with the counsel and support of the 
Treasurer and Finance Committee: 
  • Develops the Center’s annual budget on a timely basis for Leadership Council approval. 
  • Provides strict financial oversight for the budget and suggests/reviews changes with responsible individuals. 
  • Supervises the performance of the Center’s bookkeeper(s). 
  • Ensures accurate, timely and fiscally sound business policies, fiduciary and accounting practices, and financial reports. 
  • Proposes, develops and implements a strong stewardship program of planned giving, fund raising, endowments, and programs geared to encourage and acknowledge all levels of consistent donors. 
  • Seeks grant opportunities for OCSL ministries and community services and ensures grant proposals are submitted for consideration. 
  • Negotiates and administers contracts that provide maximum service and benefit to OCSL. 
  • Participates in and provides staff support to the Finance Committee. 
Human Resources 
Under the direction of the Senior Minister and with the counsel and support of the 
Human Resources Committee: 
  • Ensures that all recruitment, hiring, separation and compensation practices are compliant with California law, OCSL policies, and standards of excellence. 
  • Oversees all benefits administration and reporting. 
  • Provides for staff training and development, including new employee orientation. 
  • Monitors regulatory oversight and legal compliance for all personnel matters. 
  • Maintains and ensures the confidentiality of all personnel records for the Center. 
  • Ensures that all personnel policies and procedures are documented, up to date, and consistently adhered to. 
  • Oversees the Facilities Manager’s priorities, performance and budget and supports the Facilities Manager in arranging facilities maintenance, repair and upgrades. 
  • Monitors the performance of contract vendors such as groundskeepers, janitorial and maintenance services. 
  • Ensures that an optimal IT infrastructure is in place, including ongoing maintenance and upgrading of hardware, software, networking, servers, systems applications and data protection. 
  • Develops and maintains efficient, member-responsive and consistent administrative policies and procedures. 
  • Maintains and ensures appropriate reviews and updates to OCSL liability and casualty insurance policies. 
  • Oversees and makes recommendations for keeping office equipment and systems up to date and cost-efficient. 
  • Researches legal and tax issues and questions as they arise. 
Education and/or Experience 
A Master’s degree in Business Administration or Non-Profit Management; or five 
years’ or more experience in similar or related duties; or an equivalent combination 
of education and experience. 
General Knowledge and Skills Desired: 
  • Strong collaborative style and negotiating skills 
  • Strategic, long-term thinking 
  • Project management for multiple priorities 
  • Ability to develop consensus from divergent points of view 
  • Excellent verbal and written skills 
  • Exemplary ethical and business standards 
The Ideal Candidate: 
Is familiar with and applies the spiritual principles of Religious Science or related 
New Thought beliefs. 
OCSL is an equal opportunity employer
To Apply: Please e-mail a detailed cover letter, resume and three recent 
 professional references to: jobs.ocsl@gmail.com
For more information about Oakland Center for Spiritual Living visit oaklandcsl.org. 
Posted: June 25th, 2014