Pastoral Intern Position: Community Presbyterian Church

Community Presbyterian Church, Vallejo, CA Pastoral Intern Position

We want to provide the seminarian student with the entire range of pastoral duties, and are flexible in accommodating specific interest areas the student has gifts/interests for. Our church was chartered about 66 years ago, and has a current membership of about 200.

To practice pastoral care, congregational and administrative leadership to a congregation of approximately 200 members, under the supervision of the full-time Head of Staff pastor and with the assistance of a Shepherding Committee.


1. Share Worship Leadership (20%): Participate in each worship service, helping to prepare some of the liturgy and flow of the service. Regularly provide media support for the worship services, in consultation with the worship leader. Prepare and deliver at least three sermons. Help create vibrant and meaningful worship, using drama, video, art, dance, and different musical styles that would appeal to the church members and to the unchurched within our community.

2. Nurture Spiritual Development (20%): Lead the Sr. High School Youth Fellowship, Middle School Youth Fellowship, and/or prepare and teach at least one multi-session adult education class.

3. Church Administration/Supervision (20%): Participate in weekly staff meetings, monthly Session meetings, and monthly meetings for assigned committee (either Worship, Evangelism/Hospitality, Mission/Outreach, or Faith Development). Provide staff support to agreed-upon committee assignment, helping with planning and implementation of those plans.

Assist in developing and conducting annual officer training. Provide monthly input to the
Church newsletter by the deadline.

Meet an average of one hour per week with pastor to reflect upon internship experience.
Timely complete Learning Service Agreement with supervising pastor, required
evaluations, theological reflection papers, and year-end assessment.

4. Pastoral Caring (15%): Share in the ministry of pastoral care for the entire organization through interaction with all members and visitors, support of the Deacons and Stephen Ministry program, and participation in quarterly caring meetings with the Parish Associates responsible for pastoral visitation and others. Do at least an average of two pastoral visits each week.

5. Outreach (10%): Participate in community work, either individually or as part of a church outreach effort. Assist in teaching new member classes.

6. Facilitate Strategic Planning (10%): Assist the Mission Study Committee, Session and congregation in creating congregational vision and mission plans and studying emerging trends in church growth.

7. Participate in the Broader Church (5%): Participate regularly in Presbytery meetings and attend at least one Presbytery committee meeting, as arranged through the pastor.

Car Required? Yes

Monthly Stipend? $1,600