Berkeley Food and Housing Project

Berkeley Food and Housing Project is a nonprofit organization serving homeless men, women, and children in Berkeley. BFHP's mission is to ease and end the crisis of homelessness in our community.

Berkeley Food and Housing project provides emergency food and shelter, transitional housing, permanent housing, and housing placement with support services to homeless individuals and families.

Founded in 1970, Berkeley Food and Housing Project has worked to ease and end the crisis of homelesness for men, women, and children in the Berkeley Community. With programs ranging from free meal service to permanent supportive housing, BFHP provides a continuum of care to accomodate a broad spectrum of specialized needs.

BFHP empowers struggling members of the Berkeley community to reach for transformation from homelessness to permanent housing. To facilitate this transformation, we provide an extensive range of services: from the longest running meal program, to successful permanent housing placements, as well as the tools and services needed to become (and remain) housed. We provide these services in an environment that is free of judgement and open to individuals not served by any other program in the region. We operate four centers in Berkeley. 

Currently BFHP has a part time chaplain to provide spiritual care for male veterans in a two-year transitional housing program. In addition BFHP has an intern chaplain providing spiritual care for women and children at our women's shelter.

BFHP is expanding our spiritual care services to include our multi-service center on Bancroft Way. It is a new position, so the intern will have an opportunity to develop a spiritual care program, unique to the needs of the individuals at the multi-service center. The internship provides a seminary student with an opportunity to provide spiritual care for unhoused individuals in Berkeley.

If you have questions, you can also contact M.A. Sempari (PSR student & BFHP staff)
651-214-5385 or 


Terrie Light, Executive Director