American Friends Service Committee, LGBT Outreach Project

The American Friends Service Committee, Pacific Mountain Region has had over ten Sam Cox Internships. This year the intern will work in the AFSC US West San Francisco office on three activities:

  1. Assemble and create a key for AFSC LGBT archives currently in boxes that have been slightly sorted, to be used for the LGBT Religious Archives;
  2. Do outreach to LGBT groups about AFSC's peace work in order to broaden the AFSC peace work beyond groups such as LAGAI and others;
  3. Do outreach to welcoming congregations to involve them in AFSC's peace work activities.

One concrete product will be a history and evaluation of the Sam Cox internship itself.

AFSC is a Quaker organization supported by individuals of different faiths who care about social justice, humanitarian service and peace. Its work is based on a Quaker belief in the dignity and worth of every person, and a faith in the power of love and nonviolence to bring about change.

Created in memory of Sam Cox, a Quaker historian who died of HIV complications, the internship seeks a candidate wishing to learn from the rich AFSC and San Francisco Bay Area LGBT history and experiences.

AFSC will pay a total of $1500 for the nine-month internship. The position is supervised by the AFSC Assistant Regional Director. A report to the Regional Executive Committees would be very much appreciated, if possible, at the end of the internship.