Malaysian scholar offers class and Earl Lecture

January 9, 2008

Malaysian scholar and environmental activist Chandra Muzaffar, president of International Movement for a Just World (JUST), will teach a four-day course and deliver two free public lectures at the Pacific School of Religion this month.

Muzaffar leads an international NGO based in Malaysia that seeks to “critique global injustice and to develop an alternative vision of a just and compassionate civilization guided by universal spiritual and moral values.” Muzaffar is also the Noordin Sopiee Professor of Global Studies at the Science University of Malaysia (USM) in Penang. The author and editor of 20 books in English and Malay, he has published extensively on civilizational dialogue, international politics, religion, human rights, and Malaysian society. Among his major publications are Human Rights and the New World Order (1993) and Global Ethic or Global Hegemony? (2005). Chandra sits on the board of a number of international NGOs concerned with social justice and civilizational dialogue.

At the PSR intersession course, “Global Justice: A Muslim Perspective,” Muzaffar will offer a Muslim perspective on the environmental crisis and the politics of occupation and dispossession. Course participants will gain an appreciation of the situation confronting the Muslim world today as it interacts with the West through a deeper understanding of those global issues which most Muslims regard as critical to their honor and dignity. “The course may help, in a modest way, build a bridge between the two civilizations,” says Muzaffar.

The course meets Tuesday through Friday, January 15-18, from 8 am-1 pm, and is open to the public. To audit, fill out the form on the PSR admissions page at; to take the class for credit, contact the PSR admissions office about special student status (admissions[at]psr[dot]edu). All GTU students may register through standard GTU registration. The course will be held at Pacific School of Religion campus, 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709, in Mudd Building Room 102.

Later this month, Dr. Muzaffar will also deliver two free public lectures at PSR’s annual Earl Lectures and Pastoral Conference, January 22-24. His first talk, "Global Hegemony and the Erosion of Universal Spiritual and Moral Values” will be Tuesday, January 22, 9-10:30 am. His second talk, "Struggling for Global Justice: Is Religion an Obstacle?" will be Wednesday, January 23, 9-10:30 am. Both lectures will be given at First Congregational Church of Berkeley, at 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.