Lost Alumni/ae

The flock of Alumni/ae from Pacific School of Religion is thousands strong.  But more than 500 of our sheep have gone missing from the flock.  Can you help us look for our little lost sheep?

The list of names that appears within each graduating class date range below, comprises alumni/ae who are "lost" or for whom we have no mailing address. We appreciate any information to help us locate them. Please send an email to the PSR Alumni/ae Relations Office at alumoffice@psr.edu if you can help and you will hear us shout ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!’

Also, please remember to notify us when your address, phone number or email address changes or when you have news to share with your fellow alumni/ae. We love hearing from our alumni/ae and hope to stay in touch with each and every one of you.