Listen to Summer 2011 Tuesday Night Talks

The "Talks" were held on Tuesday nights during Summer Session. We were excited to be able to welcome the general public to our campus for a series of lectures and conversations given by distinguished members of this year's Summer Session faculty.

July 12:
Mary Hunt: "Feminist Religious Ethics—Some Answers for a Change"

Mary HuntContemporary ethicists put a premium on asking useful questions - what some consider the right questions. Given that the U.S. is engaged in several wars, has an economy that favors the rich over the rest, and seems to be engaged in enshrining arguably narrow-minded policies into law, questions about the country's direction are essential to ask. But equally important as asking the right questions is helping provide answers to the challenges that we as a society face. In this lecture, Mary E. Hunt will suggest some tentative answers from a a feminist religious perspective, with lively discussion to follow. Listen »

July 19:
Debra HaffnerDebra Haffner: "Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing: A New Movement"

How are religious institutions (denominations, seminaries, parachurch organizations) changing in the 21st century? How are they breaking the silence on issues of sexual morality and justice? In this talk, Rev. Haffner will talk about the relationship of sexuality and religion, the historical and Scriptural foundations for discussions of sexual justice, and the need for a progressive religious voice in conversations about sexuality. Listen »

July 26:
Yvette Flunder: "The Double Lives of Powerful Leaders: Is it Safe to Bishop FlunderTell the Truth?"

Recent news has been filled with stories of religious, political and corporate leaders whose private lives have left many shocked and dismayed. Many more have escaped the evening news, but exhibit the same behaviors. Is there a connection between power and dysfunction? If so how can we safeguard against it? How can we encourage a proactive discourse rather than a reactive outcry?
Listen »

August 2:
Mendez-MontoyaAngel Méndez-Montoya: "Theology and Dance: Flesh in Flux"

Christianity has many understandings of the concept of "body," among them physical, social, political, and ecclesial. The concept of "flesh," however, has not been so easily understood; even today, flesh continues under scrutiny, or is ignored. And yet, at the heart of the Gospel of John lies a provocative claim: God incarnated as human flesh, a “divine touch” that divinizes without suppressing the material world, immanence and creation. How can we understand this conundrum?

Theories of dance understand flesh as something experiential, performative, and embodied; dancers understand that the body in motion can evoke a primal encounter with God. In this lecture, Angel Mendez-Montoya will examine how bringing theology and dance together might help us understand flesh as something beautiful, a location where love and desire can come together in an all-inclusive dance. Listen »

August 9:
Rosemary Radford RuetherRosemary Radford Ruether: "The Palestinian struggle for Survival: Environmental Pollution, Denial of Water and Ethnic Cleansing in the Occupied Territories"

Rosemary Radford Ruether will discuss the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms of ethnic cleansing of Palestinian population, the conflict's reenforcement in American politics (specifically in terms of U.S.-Israel military relations), and the expression this has had in environmental pollution and denial of water in the Occupied Territories. Listen »