Jim Mitulski, "This Is My Body... These Are Our Bodies: Eucharist as a Revolutionary Act" Part 1

July 9, 2013

The first phrase ("This Is My Body") is the foundation for the Eucharist, the central act of Christian Worship. What does worship, community Christianity look like when the second phrase ("These Are Our Bodies") is reverenced with the same fervor as the first? All bodies are sacred - the female body, the male body, bodies of all colors and classes, transgender bodies, HIV-negative and HIV positive bodies, the migrant body and the settled body - to name just a few examples of bodies of sacred worth. Come celebrate the Body in this talk about Eucharist as a Revolutionary Act.

Rev. Jim Mitulski is PSR's co-director of worship and a campus pastor, as well as being pastor of New Spirit Community Church (newspiritchurch.org) which meets in the PSR chapel. Jim has been a pastor for 27 years, serving churches in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as being a Merrill Fellow at the Harvard Divinity School. He was pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church in San Francisco during the AIDS years from 1985-2000 and performed many weddings, in addition to many funerals. He holds a BA from Columbia University, an M.Div. from PSR, an honorary doctorate in sacred theology from Starr King School for the Ministry.

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