International Students

Poised on a bluff at the Pacific Rim, PSR and the GTU provide a unique place for theological conversations. The diverse Bay Area population enables students to meet and learn from people from many diverse backgrounds. Students from Asia, the Pacific Islands, Europe, Africa, and Canada make up almost one-fifth of PSR's dynamic student body.

We know that coming to study in a new cultural and social context, often in a second language, requires courage and a willingness to risk. PSR is committed to providing academic and personal support to aid you in this effort. For example, a weeklong orientation session is designed specifically for international students, and weekly academic support and workshops are offered throughout the year. A PALS program matches entering international students with a U.S. student for conversation. The International Student Support Task Group — composed of PSR administration, faculty, staff, and students — provides ongoing planning and oversight of PSR's programs for international students.

Contact International Students Office

The Coordinator of International Student Support and the Office of Community Life have an awareness of what it is like to live and work internationally. Whenever you need help with academic work, some insight on the confusion of U.S. culture, assistance in dealing with classroom expectations, time to talk about your future plans or life in the U.S., please come by. We are here to support you.

Shan McSpadden
Email: lmcspadden[at]psr[dot]edu
Tel.: 510/849-8250
Coordinator of International Student Support

Rev. Ann Jefferson 
Email: ajefferson[at]psr[dot]edu
Tel.: 510/849-8257
Director of Community Life and Spiritual Care