International Student Payment Policy/I-20 Information

Important information regarding I-20 Immigration Form and pre-payment of tuition!


Download Payment Policy & Instructions for International Students


In order for our office to complete the I-20 Immigration Form, international students who have been offered admission to a degree or certificate program must provide pre-payment for their first semester’s tuition.  This money will be held in trust and will be refunded in full if for any reason you are not able to matriculate.

You must also provide our office with proof of the ability to pay tuition, fees and living expenses for the academic year.  Please provide a statement from your bank, church and/or family and friends who are providing financial support during your stay in the United States.  This statement must indicate its value in U.S. dollars.

You may fax the information to us at (510) 845-8948.  Please note that continuing students are not permitted to register or pre-register for classes until the previous semester of study has been paid in full.  Once we receive your payment for the first semester’s tuition and proof of your ability to pay tuition and fees for the academic year, we will issue an I-20 immigration form.

Instructions for sending fees to PSR

We will accept payment by either check, credit card or by a wire to our bank.


Checks can be sent in US funds payable to Pacific School of Religion. Please send to the attention of the PSR Business Office, Attention: Nina Galvan.

Credit Cards:

You may also pay by credit card. PSR currently accepts MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. We can currently only receive credit card information by phone.  You may contact Nina Galvan at (510) 649-2435 for assistance.

We are exploring other methods of payment through our website and will notify you as these options become available.