This application is to request your participation in an upcoming PSR Immersion Course

The deadline for this application is THURSDAY, NOV. 7, 2013.


A deposit check of $25 - $150 is required to complete this application** (check payable to PSR).
This deposit is refundable if the application is not accepted.

Please note the name of the immersion course on your check, and send it to:

Office of Contextual Learning
Holbrook 125
1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

** If you are unable to provide a deposit by Nov 7th,
   you are still eligible to apply for this immersion. 
Please indicate this in the area provided on your application form.



If you are a student, you MUST use your student address: ""


This information is used to coordinate logistics. It is NOT used to determine eligibility.


These are the foundational Learning Objectives for all immersion courses — Students participating in a Contextual/Cross Cultural immersion course will be able to:

  • Reflect on their social location for critical social analysis and theological construction that takes seriously context and partnerships with communities.
  • Articulate how this immersion contributes to one’s formation as a religious leader in one’s future context in ministry.
  • Identify the systemic issues that interconnect the global and local contexts for ministry.
  • Demonstrate cross-cultural theological understanding on issues of justice.

Please reflect on these learning objectives when formulating your responses.

Specifically, what public issues do you consider are related to this immersion, and what is your responsibility for advocacy and policy?


Beyond the PSR Immersion Fund Financial Awards, there are many sources you can also explore for financial support, including: personal savings/income, loans, grants, letters requesting personal sponsorship, denominational and/or congregational support, community group sponsorship via promise of presentations, and online fundraising campaigns such as Kickstarter, Razoo, etc.

To participate in fundraising, contact psrfundvolunteers[at]gmail[dot]com

Immersion Fund Financial Awards are only available to PSR students who have never received an immersion award.


If you answered YES to the above question, please complete this section.

PSR will provide Immersion Fund Financial Awards to qualified applicants based upon the following criteria:
A. Total cost of the trip.
B. Financial need as reflected in the applicant's current year financial aid application.
C. Supplemental financial information provided below.

If you have not submitted an application to the GTU Financial Aid office, please complete a financial aid application and submit it to the Office of Contextual Learning, Holbrook 125 (forms available at:


Any exceptions must have approval of Course Faculty and Director of Contextual Learning