Ideas - By Date

The Banquet of Knowledge

April 28, 2009

Thomas Cattoi, JSTB assistant professor of Christology and culture, offered a thought-provoking sermon at the second chapel service of the spring preaching series on theology and economics.

After the Flood

April 21, 2009

Marian Grau, associate professor of theology at CDSP, gave the sermon "After the Flood" as part of the spring preaching series on theology and economics.

McKinney announces new chair and dean

April 21, 2009

At PSR's April 21 chapel service, President and Professor of American Religion Bill McKinney announced the appointments of new board chair Sharon MacArthur, PSR alum and senior pastor of Sycamore UCC,

Easter Chapel Sermon

April 14, 2009

PSR student Kevin Omi delivered a moving sermon during PSR's Easter chapel.

Learning to Speak a New Tongue: Imagining a Way That Holds People Together

April 3, 2009

GTU Distinguished Faculty Lecture presented on November 11,2008 by PSR's Robert Gordon Sproul Professor of Theology and Executive Director of the PANA Institute, Fumitaka Matsuoka.