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Special Reading Courses (independent study & upgrades)

PSR students register for all courses at Pacific School of Religion and throughout the Graduate Theological Union online through WebAdvisor during designated registration periods (Early, General, and Late Registration) which can be found in the Academic Calendar. All other WebAdvisor menus may be accessed at any time.

To assist you in choosing your courses, please consult your degree or certificate program manual and worksheet, and look at the resources listed in Resources for Choosing Classes.

In the GTU Course Schedule booklet and in the Registration Instructions below, you will find complete step-by-step instructions for registration. Read and follow these directions, noting particularly the deadlines which apply for classes with restrictions and the procedures for e-mailing instructors of restricted courses for course PINs.See instructions below outlining registration procedures, as well as other relevant information to help you register.

Before the semester begins, check your schedule online with WebAdvisor by clicking on “My Class Schedule.” This screen will reflect your most updated schedule. A student is considered officially "registered" if at least one course appears in "My Class Schedule" for the appropriate semester. If there are still errors in your online schedule, and you have already consulted the instructions on how to register, please contact the PSR registrar. BE SURE TO PRINT OUT A COPY OF "MY CLASS SCHEDULE" WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED REGISTERING. THAT PRINTOUT SERVES AS CONFIRMATION OF YOUR REGISTRATION.

For registration, you need:
  • access to the internet
  • the list of courses in which you wish to be enrolled
  • a WebAdvisor user ID and password
  • any course personal identification numbers (PIN) of restricted courses that require a PIN

New students will receive their WebAdvisor user ID and initial password email from the the IT department before Orientation. Continuing students may use the same login and password each semester.

Registration Instructions

  • Registration instructions with visual screen shots (pdf)
    step-by-step instructions on how to register
  • Other helpful registration information

    • Academic Program Manual & Worksheets
      Download the manual for your program, including worksheets, which will help you decide what to take each semester in order to fulfill graduation requirements. 
    • Course catalog »
      The online GTU Course Schedule is the comprehensive course catalog for all GTU schools. To view a list of PSR courses only, choose PSR for the field "School Course Ownership" when using the online course catalog. A hard copy booklet of course offerings may also be printed from the Courses page, but please note that courses often get added, cancelled, or changed, so this booklet is often outdated. Before registering, check the daily-updated online GTU Course Schedule for changes in course descriptions, class limits, class cancellations, and new courses.
    • Cross Registration at
      U.C. Berkeley or
      Holy Names and Millls or
      Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP)
      The University of California at Berkeley is one of the premier research institutions in the country. After completion of one semester at PSR, degree  students are allowed to cross-register for one graduate level course each semester at UCB, assuming that you can gain entry to the course. The only exception to the UCB graduate-level requirement is language courses, which may be taken at the undergraduate level. Cross-registration is handled through the GTU registrar. Cross-registration privileges apply only to the Fall and Spring  terms there is no cross-registration agreement between UCB and GTU in the Summer and Intersession terms. Take special note that instruction at UCB usually begins earlier than at the GTU each semester. Cross registration may also be available at Holy Names College and Mills College in Oakland. Cross Registration at UCB, Holy Names, and Mills is open to degree students only and not to certificate students. Cross Registration at CDSP is open to all PSR degree and certificate students and in some special cases for PSR students who fall under a special tuition discount, Special Students, Auditors, and Unclassified Students.
      » Cross Registration form for GTU students taking UCB courses
      » Cross Registration form for GTU students taking Holy Names courses
      » Cross Registration link for GTU students taking CDSP courses
    • Health Insurance »
      Required for all students taking 9.0 units or more If you are taking 9 units or more, submit proof of health insurance by the close of general registration. Students must choose a Health Insurance selection in WebAdvisor before registering each Fall.
    • Special Reading Courses & forms »
      1) Step one: register in WebAdvisor (skip step 1 and go on to step 2 for summer SRC's)
          Students should register for SRC 9999 01 for specially directed courses/independent study
          Students should register for SRC 8888 01 for upgrading the level of an existing course
          (usually for DMin and MA students)
      2) Step two: submit an SRC form to the Registrar.
          In both cases, a Special Reading Course form is required to complete registration.
    • WebAdvisor error messages »
      Explanation of error messages if you are given any during registration and how to resolve them