Terrance Wiley

Visiting Professor of Ethics, Law and Peace Studies

Academic Credentials: 
BA, Southern Methodist University; JD, Georgetown University Law Center; MA, PhD, Princeton University
“In the end, my research and teaching are about love. By this I mean that I endeavor to passionately, conscientiously engage important concepts, figures, movements, and questions with the hope that my and others’ capacity to love the right things, for the right reasons, and in the right way will be enhanced. I don’t expect to master this lesson, whether as a student or teacher. Yet, the quest for perfection does keep me on high.”

Dr. Wiley teaches courses at the intersection of religious ethics, theology, political philosophy, and African American Studies, with an emphasis on nonviolent social movement theory and praxis. Dr. Wiley is currently working on a manuscript, "Angelic Troublemakers: Religion and Anarchism in Henry David Thoreau, Dorothy Day, and Bayard Rustin", which interrogates the theological anthropologies, ethics, political philosophies, and social theories of three exemplary American religious radicals.