Randall Miller

Assistant Professor of United Methodist Studies, Ethics and Leadership

Academic Credentials: 
BA, Emory and Henry College, 1981; MDiv (all but thesis), Candler School of Theology, 1985; PhD, Graduate Theological Union, 2007.
“Students eager to provide leadership, whether in churches, social justice groups, higher education, or other settings, do so in an increasingly pluralistic and fragmented world. The principal goal of my teaching is to help students think clearly and creatively, using both traditional and emerging theological disciplines. I’m convinced that, with the foundation provided by theological education at Pacific School of Religion, students will find their voice in a world filled with diversity—and discover their place within the vibrant community of those committed to the pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful.”

Dr. Miller teaches the Introduction to Christian Ethics class as well as advanced courses in ethics and social theory. A layman and longtime advocate for greater inclusion in the United Methodist Church, he has previously held senior positions in politics, HIV/AIDS prevention, philanthropy, and national youth ministry. His dissertation is entitled Colored Justice: Situating Martin Luther King’s Justice Ethic in Normative Theoretical Discourse, and his research centers on the intersection of faith, moral values, and politics.

Dr. Randall H. Miller - Curriculum Vitae