Devin Zuber

Assistant Professor of American Studies, Literature, and Swedenborgian Studies

Academic Credentials: 
B.A., Bryn Athyn College, 2000; M.Phil, CUNY Graduate Center, 2006; M.A., Queens College, 2006; PhD, CUNY Graduate Center, 2010
"The critical analysis of texts lies at the heart of both literary studies and the hermeneutics of sacred scriptures and their various traditions. I hope to make students aware of the power in this intersection, and the ways that interdisciplinarity can enrich our understanding of the world and our attempts to change it, off the page, outside of the book."

Dr. Zuber centers his inquiries in literary aesthetics, hermeneutics, and cultural history, which includes the environment as special zone of engagement. His scholarly interests include exploring the different ways people have imagined and constructed their relationship to the environment through various practices of cultural representation. He is also a Swedenborgian specialist, and particularly interested in the legacy of Swedenborg's thought in Romanticism. His work has appeared in Religion and the Arts, American Studies, and Variations, and he is presently completing a book on Swedenborg's contribution to American environmental aesthetics.