Boyung Lee

Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Education and Spiritual Formation
Director of the Changemaker Fellowship Program
Director of the API Program Initiative

Academic Credentials: 
BA, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 1987; ThM, Yonsei University, 1989; MDiv, Claremont School of Theology, 1994; PhD, Boston College, 2004.
“Without praxis, theology is irrelevant. Education is the sine qua non through which theology transforms individuals and culture. In my courses I highlight the benefits and pitfalls of theory and praxis. I pay special attention to context, theology, and the social sciences. My perspective is that of a postcolonial feminist. I also am a Confucian and a Christian.”

Dr. Lee is a United Methodist whose ministry experience ranges from one of Korea's poorest communities to an affluent New England suburb. She considers Korea's poor, particularly its women, to be brilliant commentators on justice and realized eschatology. One of Dr. Lee's pedagogical goals is to help people find truth within themselves and to reflect critically on it in their present life contexts, thus to descry new futures/creations. Dr. Lee's research interests are communitarian Christian religious education, postcolonial biblical pedagogy, Asian feminist theology, and racial/ethnic and sexual identity formation. 

Dr. Boyung Lee - Curriculum Vitae


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