Bernard Schlager

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
Associate Professor of Historical and Cultural Studies
Executive Director, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (CLGS)

Academic Credentials: 
BA, St. John’s University, 1981; AB, St. Louis University, 1985; MA, Boston College, 1987; MA, 1994, MPhil, 1994, and PhD, 1996, Yale University.
“I love the process of teaching and learning at Pacific School of Religion because I have discovered that students here are genuinely passionate about connecting what they learn in the classroom with their current and future work in ministry, spiritual formation, education, and social service. My particular interests relate to LGBTQ people in communities of faith and I believe that PSR offers a truly unique place to study for ministry because this is a seminary that fosters open and productive dialogue about how we go about creating a world that is both radically inclusive and deeply committed to living out Gospel values of peace and justice.”

Professor Schlager received his PhD from Yale University in the history of medieval and Latin American Christianity, and he has taught at the University of New Hampshire, Trinity College, and Yale. Professor Schlager was one of the original staff members of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (CLGS) when it was founded in 2000. Since then he has held a number of positions at CLGS, including program director and interim deputy director, before becoming executive director in 2009. In addition, he directs the development and advancement work of the Center, teaches in the Certificate in Sexuality and Religion Program (CSR) at PSR, and serves as an editorial consultant for the CLGS/Pilgrim Press Book series.

Dr. Schlager's research interests include queer studies, the history of Christianity, LGBT pastoral care, and medieval social and religious history. He has published articles on ancient church history, medieval hagiography, the history of sexuality, and the history of education, and has co-authored a book with David Kundtz, Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk: LGBT Pastoral Care (2007).